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Sometimes A Foul Notion

     The Natalee Holloway murder case has, especially due to the fact the prime suspect has murdered another girl, Stephanie Flores Ramirez, five years from the exact date Natalee Holloway went missing in Aruba, gone stagnant in what seems to be both investigation and public interest.  Many think the deceased, Paulus Van Der Sloot (forefront), a failed and flunked washout as a judge-in-training, whose son, Joran Van Der Sloot, the young lad with the bloodied shirt, and two Suriname brothers, Satish and Deepak Kalpoe, raped and murdered her.  Deepak is also in the above photoshopped picture, which says more than we might imagine about realities in the case.  Several years of studying the disappearance, highlighted by Paulus Van Der Sloot’s declaration, within the first few days she went missing, of “no body, no case,” and observing the behavior of the suspects, would suggest they did.   At the very least, as this photo implies, Paulus had the Harvey Keitel role, as depicted in Pulp Fiction, of body disposal man.

     Many others, from Paulus’s friend, the Chief of Police, Jan Van der Straten, to the lead investigator and main remover of evidence, Dennis Jacobs, descriptively one whale of a detective, literally, shoved U.S and world media and the Holloway family rudely off in what has been described as an island wide coverup.  Two black men were initially arrested, and the boys allowed to remain free, unfettered, and destroying evidence, along with her body, until American outrage and uproar prevented them from continuing.  All four, father included, were arrested, and then released for “lack of evidence.”   Considering they had ten days prior to arrest to destroy everything, that isn’t very surprising.  The two black security guards, having nothing to do with the case other than residing on Aruba, Mickey John and Abraham Jones, arrested six days after she went “missing”, were released, their nightmare over.  That fact alone should allow Americans to realized the 1940s-50s mentality of the island police.  It fits, as it matches their equipment offered, and the efforts to solve this case.   Just like their sandy beaches, it was fake (the island is actually volcanic rock, not the beautiful island paradise shown outside the expensive hotels).   When Dave Holloway spent days digging in the sweltering island heat at the garbage dump where his daughter’s body was rumored to have been left, the island response was to bring in a tractor and cover his exhausting and exasperating effort up.  

     It is NOT a safe and happy island, as the brochures claim.  It may surprise Americans to know that Natalee Holloway, a self-described virgin (and said by everyone else who knew her) and future pre-medical student headed for the University of Alabama, is not the only missing American who came to the island for a pleasant vacation; there are nearly half a dozen, give or take what Aruba will admit, Americans missing and probably murdered in recent years.   Aruban authorities deny everything but that the missing were there at some point. 

     Some supporters of the Holloway family even think Paulus faked his own death last year to escape his guilt, and is alive and well and laughing it up somewhere.  While that is unlikely, Aruba itself has caused the deepened suspicions because of falsified information regarding Natalee Holloway running away, pregnant , of course.  Quick work, her pregnancy, for those Arubans claiming it, although many there have also accused in published tantrums that she was pregnant by her stepfather, Jug Twitty, an established and successful Alabama businessman who arrived on the island with her mother, to the shock of the killers and their supportive residents, the day following Natalee Holloway’s  “disappearance”, by private jet.  And if she hadn’t been running away from her stepfather’s incestual crimes, then she was pregnant from a handsome, young ,unnamed Aruban boy, swept off her feet, and horrified at having to be an American doctor and 4.0 student.   Just a foolish girl in love.   She was swept off her feet all right, by a group of Aruban high school boys forming  a pack of predators preying on similar aged American girls on their last night on the island, calling themselves The Pimps.  Investigation has demonstrated this is an absolute fact, and well known by police and others in authority.

     With the acknowledgement of lead investigator Dennis Jacobs, who warned Natalee’s father, Dave Holloway, to beware his own drinks, since it was recommended, since he didn’t have the kind of cash Jacobs usually got to do his job (his first words to Dave Holloway, when asked about Natalee and how the investigation was proceeding, were, “How much cash do you have?”) that he should just go wait at Carlos ‘N’ Charlie’s, and when the Aruban she had probably run off with tired of her, which was, Jacobs claimed, very common for American girls, she would wander in.   Fact:  his daughter was victimized at local bar Carlos ‘N’ Charlie’s through the purchase of a $25 a shot date rape drug, with common Aruban awareness, sold over the bar like pop.    If anyone has seen a picture of Jacobs, he is so overweight he couldn’t chase his own shadow three feet.  Worse, according to FBI and DEA sources, he is one of the most slovenly corrupt officers on the island, and they are the most corrupt police force in what remains of the Dutch Kingdom.   The word most often heard from our sources regarding the Aruban Law Enforcement (ALE) was, appropriately, the word vile.  Aruba itself has become the  preferred spot for Europeans who feel Amsterdam isn’t wild and decadent enough.   The casinos allowed a known seventeen year old to drink, carouse, and run his and his pals hustle games, and to break tournament and gaming rules with a wink.  If you need to lose your cash, or are just looking for a gang rape, Aruba is now possibly the world’s number one spot for being cheated, drugged, raped and murdered.   Legally  cheated, of course, as is the Aruba way.   Wink, wink.   Joran Van Der Sloot at 16 and 17 went to any bar or casino he cared to.  His father “the judge” has been linked as a probable provider, during a stint in government clerking, for the illegal gaming license at the Excelsior Casino (at the Holiday Inn) run by a well known Chicago mobster.   It is rumored on the island that Paulus and his son had an open tab there.  What was the Aruban government’s response that a convicted felon ran the casino where Natalee Holloway met both Joran and his father, who claimed to be a judge (as did his wife; he isn’t, wasn’t, and never was going to be), impressive to a young, well-educated girl of 18?  “We have no idea how that happened.”   Their exact words.  Did they pull the license illegally provided to Michael Posner?  Do dogs speak English?

    Deepak Kalpoe, prior to filing a lawsuit with his brother against our own mean, evil, and lying Dr. Phil  (sure, everyone knows that; he’s another ethical fake, just like Oprah Winfrey;  yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket) is quoted in his own police statement as saying they (The Pimps) “had done this twenty or so times, but nothing ever went bad before.”    If a kid admits to doing something 20 or so times, the real answer, as Judge Judy has explained to us, is probably a hundred.  The lawsuit, filed in December of 2006, has been languishing, untried, in our courts now for more than just several years.   The hoped for big settlement the Kalpoes greedily wanted to earn was not forthcoming from the honest and honorable Dr. Phil.   The ignorance and stupidity necessary to believe that a man would risk his newfound wealth and fame based on honesty and integrity, as Dr. Phil McGraw has, to falsely impugn two brothers of murder and rape is so preposterous, so unbelievably foolish, that it does explain how the Kalpoes thought their own evil endeavors were fun.   Astoundingly, the fact that they detailed the car used at 4 a.m. the same night that Natalee Holloway disappeared was not deemed suspicious by ALE.  “No evidence of a crime” still is what they babble endlessly in response to media and secular inquiry.

     Our own research shows there has been, historically, a series of rape gangs operating for decades on the same principle of victimizing females enjoying their last night on the island.   Followers of the case feel that the Kalpoes felt left out of the incredible sums of money the Van der Sloots and others made on the crime, and wanted their fair share, since The Pimps were dissolved as entire families named fled the island within weeks of the crime.  The franchise was limited, anyway, as you can only kill so many girls, and claim they are simply missing, before big media money wanes. 

     You can ask Joran Van Der Sloot (pronouced slote).  Five years from the exact date Natalee “went missing”, he murdered the daughter of one Peru’s leading families in another rape attempt (her jeans were pulled off, but poor Joran says he doesn’t know why or how that happened; he was only trying to murder and rob her–yes, he actually said that) and stole nearly $10,000 and her truck, worth about three times that.  He says he did it because he was outraged she had looked at his laptop and asked about Natalee Holloway.  I guess no one ever mentioned to him he could have locked her and anyone else out by password coding whatever he wanted to keep private.  On the other hand, one ex-FBI agent said to me recently that Van Der Sloot is such a liar he would even lie if telling the truth could help him.

     His future trial in Peru has overwhelmed what remained of an Aruban investigation after the Netherlands police were forced by international outcry to intervene.  Our own FBI had been told they are unwelcome in the Holloway case.  Warrants for extortion await him in the United States for trying to sell the location to Beth Holloway, Natalee’s mother, of where they had disposed of the corpse.  But Joran isn’t the only entreprenuer making hundreds of thousands, some less, off this crime; a “professional” self acclaimed journalist (read: out of work hack), Renee Gielen, has done a “documentary,”  The Unrevealed Time Lies, and written hack jobs attacking Natalee and her family, and glorifying Joran as a decent, misunderstood and misjudged human being who was unfairly mistreated by press and Natalee’s family.  She has been nearly silent since his second murder/rape effort in Peru, as has Julia Renfro, another gutter hack and co-crank, and the first Joran glorifier to spread lies of Natalee, of the many that surfaced like sand fleas on Aruba.  I guess you just do what you have to do to earn a living there.   It’s the Aruban way.   Governor Riley of Alabama supported and asked for an America response through boycot of this dangerous vacation spot, as have the Holloway families (her parents are divorced).

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